Late Night Movies to get you in the Spooky Mood!

On Halloween day we will be offering later showings starting at 9 pm! Whether you want to see a movie before trick or treating, or go out Trick or Treating before coming to the theater, or just want something fun to do with your family that is guaranteed social distancing, we will be open and in the Spooky👻🎃🕷️🦇 Spirit!

For Halloween day showings all of our specialty Harry Potter🤓⚡🦉 Candy at Concessions will be discounted!
If you want to book a showing with us you can either call☎️ or email💻 us at the theater. And we will find a time that works for your group!

2 thoughts on “Late Night Movies to get you in the Spooky Mood!”

    1. The list on the homepage is all we will be playing. Because of the 8 person minimum to reserve a theater we have found it better to have movies that are appropriate for a wide audience.

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